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mx5life first ever Spring meet up

What a great time we had :)

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I think this was, and will remain, the absolute zenith in the story. My only regret is that Caroline and me couldn't make it to that fabulous and iconic event...Dan, your videos will go down in history - none more historic and evocative than this one.

Nobody misses the 'old life' more than I do and the October meet that we attended was one of the best weekends we have ever had (bar none!)

Watching your videos here brings an 'iddy-biddy tear', to quote the late, great Burl Ives...happy and sad...but, we're still here mate! well, most of us anyway, so life goes on! ...long live life!

Oh, and keep doing the videos Dan...we love 'em!
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I understand exactly what you mean Kev, I still feel pangs of sadness when I look back at how great this all was...such a great great shame. :(

Glad you like the videos mate, I'll get round to doing some more when I find my bloody camera charger. :nod:

Happy days :) I've missed your reports Dan! watching that was a great way to start the day ( from my warm house!) as soon as I saw the tents, I remembered what came next! Much giggling here today!

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