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Showcase cover image for 1993 Eunos Roadster S-Special 1.6

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Roadster S-Special 1.6
Brilliant Black (PZ)
228000 Kilometers
What looks to be a pretty original S-Special. Imported to the UK in 2002. Doesn't have the yellow strut brace or boot spoiler, which were both options - no indication they've been removed at any point during the car's life. I prefer the car without a spoiler anyway. Correct BBS wheels are fitted.<br /><br />Bilsteins still fitted and look original again - so probably due a refurb! Interior is original again, Nardi wheel and gearknob in residence.



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Current jobs are to undertake a proper assessment of the bodywork, and protect as necessary. Sills have been repaired in the past and there is evidence of previous work on the rear arches. Both of those arches will need remedial work anyway as they're bubbling along the leading edge; that was known when the car was bought.<br />
<br />
So I have quite a lot of Bilt Hamber products waiting to be used. Car is up on axle stands at present, with all plastic liners and such removed, so I could clean and degrease properly behind. The car had been used daily upto when I bought it, so there was quite a bit of build-up!<br />
<br />
Also need to replace the exhaust from the cat back, as it's in a pretty poor state and is blowing. Have a stainless steel MX5Parts system waiting to go on - will need to need to battle with the what will no doubt be seized exhaust bolts!

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Nice one! Fettling is all part of the fun?<br />
Word Wise on the Mx5Parts SS exhaust. They are excellent value, however if you whip the CAT out, and get the SS CAT bypass pipe...the whole shabang is very boomy at motorway speeds and pretty chavvy noisy around town. Some folk like it that way.

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Mk1's are a great basis for a renovation project Steve . Well worthwhile as each stage evolves plus the satisfaction of knowing that the costs are recoverable as these great little cars appreciate over the years. Mind you it can get a bit OTT as my own Garage thread will reveal !!! Robin is right about the MX5 parts Exhaust - I've got one fitted plus the stainess decat pipe .... only my opinion but I love the sound !!!!!