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MX-5 Mk2.5
Splash Green
4600 Miles
MK2.5 in Splash Green, 1.8, soft top with detachable hard top.<br />



· djrose007 - Dave Rose
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I had company cars for a few years and when they decided to stop doing them, but give you a wad of money each month instead, I decided I'd get a sports car when my current vehicle expires. As it was, I'd only just got a new one, Toyota Celica, when they made the announcement so I still had the company car for another 3 years.<br />
At the end of that I booked test drives with an MGF, MR2 and MX-5. After driving them I discounted the MR2 out of hand, didn't like it, removed the MGF off the list mostly because the MX-5 had a bigger boot space but I also just loved driving the MX-5.<br />
This was 2004 when I drove to the dealer in Cheltenham. Drove into the car park and saw a gorgeous Splash Green MX-5 Mk2.5 for sale, second hand, two years old and low mileage as it had been with the dealer as a demonstrator.<br />
It was a bit more than I wanted to pay but I can't remember now if they reduced it a bit or whether I just bit the bullet and paid up, but either way I never regretted it. Loved that little car immediately I sat in it.<br />
I purchased a hard top and storage bag because my wife insisted on a hard top for the winter, not that it made a lot of difference except the rear window vision was better as the window curved around rather than the flat window of the soft top.

· djrose007 - Dave Rose
186 Posts
I don't remember the mileage on this car when I changed it in 2007 but in those 3 years I travelled the UK, a lot of it to business meetings all over starting off from Gloucester travelling to Leeds, Martlesham, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Brighton, Milton Keynes, Glasgow and many more. Visiting people in Newcastle and attending RAF reunions in various places.<br />
I really enjoyed this car but trying to do the hard top myself, on and off, it was difficult at times and created a couple of minor scratches on the paintwork. Trouble was I loved driving top down on those cold, frosty, but sunny winter days so it was on and off frequently during the winter.<br />
When 2007 came along we decided the best option was to have an RC and I bought the copper red one that I still have today, 14 years later (2021). Being 2007 I took the chance to get a 007 registration plate (X007MXS) as Bond is one of my favourite things!<br />
<br />
In the 'images' gallery of this Splash Green Mk2.5 I've added a few of the chrome blings that I added. I didn't do any mechanical changes, didn't need to I think. On the MK3 RC I have only done the door handles and rings around the side repeaters in Aluminum Satin Finish..