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  1. First photo on RPF1s

    The first of many photos in this setup. I'm pleased with the black and silver look. I really like the black and gold as well but I wanted this to be my project car and transform it my way.
  2. New wheels.

    Enkei PRF1 with Toyo Proxes T15
  3. Enkei PRF1

    Same brand and series tyres but at 205/45 x 15" fitted to an old favourite rim.
  4. Toyo Proxes T1R

    Same tyre as fitted by the previous owner. Toyo Proxes T1R have a great reputation.
  5. Last photo of OEM wheels

    Time so something new.
  6. New head unit.

    There was nothing wrong with the Sony double din except the surround being a hand made wooden piece. I like professionals playing with my wiring. He did three jobs on this day. 1. Fit the Kenwood 2. Wire in the rear speakers 3. Supply and install an alarm system with microwave sensitivity for "prote
  7. Chrome style bar

    Fitting of this was much more involved so I had it done by a professional. It still took over an hour.
  8. Chrome style bar.

    The style bar, AKA, mouse trap, is a Chinese copy of the more robust one from Racing Beat. I picked this one up in Canberra for $100 (AU) S/H. It will do the job for now so long as I don't roll the car.
  9. New tyres on OEM rims.

    The OEM rims had the original tyres on them. The tyres had tread but they were hard and cracked due to age. I wanted to try 205/45 x16", even for a short period of time.
  10. Both 16" wheels

    Both these rims are 16". The OEM wheel is 6.5" and running 205/45 tyre while the Avid 1 is 8" wide but has 205/50. The profile, while it does make the speedo 100% accurate, does scrape on the passenger rear when under load.
  11. The Esses. Mt Panorama, Bathurst.

    Home of the greatest race in Australia, Mt Panorama, Bathurst. Even as a public road, it is quite daunting and exhilarating to drive around at the sign posted 60KPH.
  12. Both my MX-5s with new plates.

    My Heritage scored the MX5 1NB plates and Sooty got MX5 3NB. I figured the Heritage, which is an NB8A was the first of the NBs and Sooty is the third, being an NB8C. Cost was $220 as a one off fee, plus $110 added to the yearly registration in NSW, Australia.
  13. Another photoshoot at SMSP

    Monthly winner in photo competition.
  14. Wheels

    Rims: Avid 1 AV15 16 x 8"+25 Tyres: Toyo Proxes 205/50 x16
1-20 of 36 Results