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  1. Transmission
    Hi all. I bought my 2002 NBFL 1.6 MX5 a few months back. It's been driving fine since I bought it. The other day I pulled up to a junction and put my car into first gear. When I came to a stop I left off the brake and as I did (Clutch to the floor still) my car pulled away as if the clutch was...
  2. MX5 & General Car Chat
    I'm really not sure if I have a clutch issue or not. My previous mx5 mk2 had, for me, perfect clutch operation, the biting point was about 40% from the top of the pedal travel. My new one only has about an inch of travel left after it bites, the clutch is not riding and it works fine. However...
1-2 of 2 Results