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  1. Motorbikes
    Don't know if anyone remembers but I had a Honda Shadow, VT750C2 ACE (1989). Last August I part exchanged it, got a remarkably good deal on it, for a Honda CTX1300. Not many people have heard of them, even less have seen one in the flesh. Quite a rare breed in the UK. I bought it, at 3 years...
  2. MX-5 Bikers
    Are you happy with your current bike? What is it and what would you change it for if you wanted to upgrade or just have a different riding experience? I've currently got a Honda CT750C2 ACE Shadow, love it but looking to tour more so a bigger engine would be nice. End of May 2017 I will be...
  3. 18 October 2014

    Picked up the Shadow VT750 on 18 October 2014. Rode it the 120 miles from Weldon (Corby) to Gloucester. Bit rough at first but due to old (3 year old!) fuel in the tank. I filled it up when leaving the sellers house and after 60 miles it worked it's way through the system and it started to ride like
1-3 of 3 Results