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  1. Bodywork and Bling (Interior and Exterior)
    I loved my first MX-5, a Heritage or known as the Icon in the UK. When I purchased a Garnet Red it was for the sole purpose of transforming it, I needed to replace the whole interior from the UK based Montana and Indiana. Australia didn't get those limited editions with its parchment trim. I...
  2. Electrics
    Hello all, Now the bling is posted, advice needed. I have a pair of Eunos lights that were within a bunch of MX5 stuff I bought from eBay for £15 (included the HRW Pigtail, which works and is wired in) and still feels like a bargain. The time has come to fit the Eunos lights to my 1996 MX5 and...
1-2 of 2 Results