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  1. Want to Buy NB 2.5 1.8 Wanted

    MX-5 Cars & MX-5 Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, looking to buy a facelifted NB. Trims: Sport or Icon Engine: 1.8 Gearbox: Manual Colours: Grey, Dark or Crystal Blue Details & pics of any rust spots, less is obviously better. Please send me pictures of the Out/In, Boot & Engine bay. Underside if possible
    £12,345 GBP
  2. MX-5 Engine
    I am having a problem with my MK2.5 1.8 lit 2002, 51,000 miles. I have only had the car since September and decided I ought to get the cam belt changed. When I went to collect the car I waited whilst they took it for a road-test, when the car returned water was pouring out of a hose which had...
1-2 of 2 Results