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  1. Suspension, Brakes, Wheels and Tyres
    Hi guys, first post here because im at my wits end. I have a Mark 2.5 Arctic and one of my front calipers has died so I bought new calipers but when for both wheels on the front and when I went to install them they are slightly different from the stock ones so they don't fit and I can't find...
  2. New to MX5life? - introduce yourself!
    Hope the photo is viewable. This is my toy. It belonged to my late best friend. His widow is leaving the country and decided to sell. She knew how much I loved this little car so I got first refusal. It's 15 years old. Several jobs to do on it.
  3. MX-5 Cars & MX-5 Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Sadly looking to part with my mx5 ???? Not getting used as much as I'd like with having two kids and not being able to head out with them , currently take it in turns or use the other car It's a mk2.5 1.8 Icon edition 116,000 miles, mot August, service history Icon edition spec, just had...
  4. MX 5 Mk2.5 Splash Green

    My first MX-5 purchased when company changed car policy to car allowance rather than company car. 2002 model, bought ex demo model in 2003. Terrific car, would have kept it except wife wanted hard top in winter and it was too difficult to remove it by myself, without damaging paintwork, on those lov
  5. New to MX5life? - introduce yourself!
    Hi, my name is Rob 23 from Bury NW. So I have always had pritty dreadful cars, so I have finally got some money together and as a car enthusiast I know exactly what I am after: Mx-5 1.8 Less than 60k miles Any colour but gold Leather full interior with heated seats Min 6 months MOT Min 3...
1-5 of 5 Results