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  1. New to MX5life? - introduce yourself!
    Hello All, I thought I'd say hello. I've recently bought a 2008 Hard top MK 3 Roadster (43,000 miles with full history). I spent over 20 years in the motor trade and never considered buying one...what a mistake! Now I work in an office and can keep the interior of my cars nice and clean I...
  2. Transmission
    I've always thought on the mk3+ that there was no turret oil as in earlier models now I'm beginning to wonder. Why am I bothered , I've a stiff selection of 1st gear when warm all other shifts are fine, anyone else come across turret oil...
  3. Automotive Detailing
    Looking through MX5parts catalogue and found a couple of larger wind deflectors for the mk3 onwards. Question: I don't find it particularly easy to clean the inside of the rear window with the stock deflector down so how do you accomplish it with these larger fixed ones?
  4. MX-5 Cars & MX-5 Parts For Sale / Wanted
    This is the Mazda rack part no. NE85-V4-730 with integral LED brake light. I recently bought it from an MX-5 Owner's Club member but subsequently decided not to fit it. I am selling for £100, which is what I paid. It is in fair condition and I have tested the brake light. The reason I...
  5. MX5 & General Car Chat
    Blink Tuning via Nutz - well, i found the link c/o PH but anyway Thought this could be of interest Very much in the watch this space genre lol :) 'Bout time someone did somethng west of Brum and south of Mancland and north of Brizzle
  6. Bodywork and Bling (Interior and Exterior)
    I've noticed that my driver's side seat belt is not retracting without help. I realise this is a relatively common problem and indeed have read the related Mazda TSB with regard cleaning and the updated belt guide. However since I have the updated guide I'm not sure what if anything I can do...
  7. Suspension, Brakes, Wheels and Tyres
    Car's getting old,4 and half years now.34,000 miles first component failure OS front caliper sticking on. I ensured the sliders were ok before calling an old friend who I previously used when we had cars that were not under warranty. In the end I could probably have sorted this myself but...
  8. MX-5 Engine
    My car has developed a habit of trying to stall at coming to a stop at certain junctions, these are predictable events when the engine is neither hot nor cold. Obviously I haven't really got a clue what it is and little knowledge is often dangerous. I initially discussed with BBR whether a...
  9. MX 5 Mk3 RC Copper Green

    Purchased in 2007 for the electric retracting roof and a 007 reg plate.
  10. Suspension, Brakes, Wheels and Tyres
    Hi Lifers! I'm looking to replace my rusty brake disks as skimming quotes are not looking too cheap for all 4 and found this 'deal'...
  11. New to MX5life? - introduce yourself!
    Hi all! I thought I'd make a post to keep track of my first ever MX5 as I clean her up, maybe add a new exhaust and a few other bits that I might or might not do. For now I have only given her a quick clean to look for scratches and chips, of which there are a few, but she has done 67,000 miles...
1-11 of 11 Results