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  1. New to MX5life? - introduce yourself!
    Hello! I'm Steph (24) and finally after always wanting an MX5 yesterday we picked up my 07 plate Mk3 Sport in True Red. An impeccable MOT and service history and 2 previous owners who took amazing care of her. After collecting her we spent the entire day detailing her inside and out (machine...
  2. New to MX5life? - introduce yourself!
    Hi, my name is Rob 23 from Bury NW. So I have always had pritty dreadful cars, so I have finally got some money together and as a car enthusiast I know exactly what I am after: Mx-5 1.8 Less than 60k miles Any colour but gold Leather full interior with heated seats Min 6 months MOT Min 3...
  3. New to MX5life? - introduce yourself!
    Hey everyone! I managed to sell my lupo gti, and recently purchased a black mk1 (98) uk model! Got a few questions as am brand new to mx5's and rwd's, so keep an eye out on the problems/mods forums to help me out :) Will get pictures of the car up as soon as I can! Thanks all, CMx5.
1-3 of 3 Results