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I had the sad occasion to attend an old friends funeral on Friday (27 January) and travelled up on the Thursday from Gloucester to Stockport, near Manchester.
A round trip of 280 miles.
The MX-5 doesn't put a lot of miles under it's belt nowadays, mostly riding the motorbike, so it was good to give it a good run. It will be 16 years old on the 1st March.
I took my Vulcan to the Sky hi-vis jacket, bottle of water (to drink or for windscreen washers) and a warm furry jacket, all in case of breakdown. Not needed, she ran like clockwork and is as responsive as the day I drover her out of the showroom in 2007.
What a car - and I keep thinking I'll sell her in the spring, what am I thinking of - eejit!
Even gave her a good clean before I went, and did the i20 in case my wife thought I was showing favouritism!

After the funeral I travelled the few miles to Congleton to see another old friend, who is still alive. Pulled into his driveway to find a Mk4 MX-5, grey. Nice looking but I prefer the shape of the Mk3, and so does his partner, Viv. Yes, she loves driving her Mk4 but preferred mine 😊

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