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Wheel Alignment is often confused with Wheel Balancing. The two really have nothing to do with each other except for the fact that they affect ride and handling.
Defined c/o this website DEFINITION

Online List of centres
Caution: just cos a centre has a machine doesn't mean that they're aware about how precise one can take an MX5 so referrals to Tony Bones (WiM) are a good move

promoted by mk1 owner on the OC

Chesham BUCKS
recommended by plenty on .COM, OC, Nutz, Planet

Hereford Tyres
used by me... needed second trip as they'd only gone within bog-standard Mazda parameters BUT if you know what you want they have the kit

Bengry Motors Leominster(mazda dealership) <<< they will lower. I think they have a Hunter(alignment machine). If not then i apologise. If i hear concrete evidence(either way) i shall come back to this thread
If anyone would like the figures for the mk3 1.8 sitting on Eibachs just let me know.
Some alignment centres really need a big nudge in the right direction

A quick word re lowering/re-springing
Any change of springs will require the car being raised and then returned to the ground
If your car (any car) is lowered having had the final tightenings when completely off the ground then the bushes will twist upon the return to earth.
They should always have the final tightening done on the ground and not when your p&j is still suspended in wonderous inanimation.
This is a basic mechanical thing re cars that should be done on all motors not just MX5s.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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