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1993 Eunos Roadster 1.8
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Afternoon all,

Can anyone recommend some cleaning products for my MK1 Eunos (1993)?
Looking for something to clean the engine bay and especially the Cam covers.
Also looking for something forgiving that I can wash and then polish the car with.

The car is now home in my garage after 7 years in a farm barn.
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Cam Cover / Intake oxidisation easily removed with a WD40 soaked rag and then you can start the hard work with some wire wool and Solvol Autosol. Rest of bay I would do in sections, again using a combination of paintbrushes / rags and WD 40 . Best to remove / undo fixings and move to one side the ancilliary parts that can be moved to assist the clean up. From a wash and polish perspective I use PH neutral G Technique shampoo and Collinite polish but there are many excellent products out there. I'd also give the paintwork a Clay Cloth application . Paint on these cars is quite soft so go easy if considering machine polishing or better still leave it to a good detailer. I've attached an image of my Eunos engine bay which was cleaned using processes outlined. And don't forget to change that radiator soon !!
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