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An easy, first modification to make to your car.
From the Mk1 to the latest, the side repeater (indicator) units didn't change, so neither did the fitments.

1. Remove the old repeaters by pushing the light unit back towards the rear of the car, you'll feel the pressure of the locating spring clip. So whilst holding them, you should be able to pop the front edge out and then proceed to release the whole unit.
2. Turn the bulbholder anti-clockwise and remove it from the lamp section.
3. Pull the old clear bulb out from the bulbholder, then push in the new orange bulb (which should come with the new units).
4. Fit the bulbholder and bulb into the back of the new repeater, there are nearside and offside ones so try not to get them confused.
5. Pop the new repeaters into the holes in the wing.

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If i can add my twopenneth, while you have the indicators off, check you paint work around the edges of the hole, now is the best time to stop any rust developing.
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Always worth keeping an eye on mx5 forums as people who are selling up tend to replace the clears with the original tangos and sell the clears separately ~ which is how i acquired mine for a very reasonable price [the price now eludes me sorry]

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Thanks for the tips there, I'm purposely keeping the orange ones on purely to annoy other forum members! Only joking, will get around to it one day:)
You know it makes sense :) - have I worn you down with my nagging :oops:

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I've had a set on order from MX5 parts since the end of May. They are still out of stock, though they say that delivery is iminent. I bought a set of clear side markers at the Spring Rally in Kent, MX5 Parts didnt have any clear repeaters then either:(
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