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Hi all
Iv got an annoying problem with my Mazda she's left outside in all weather's and when it's cold the inside is wer threw (dripping) how can I stop this .? Any advice will be greatly received

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Hello David and welcome to 馃槉

To offer any useful help we'll need more information, namely the model of mx-5 you have and it's year of manufacture. Any ingress of water into the car will cause the excessive condensation you've described and can also cause accelerated corrosion and electrical problems.

First and foremost you'll need to ensure there is no water ingress into the car. This can come from several sources, depending on the age and model type (there are 4 different models of MX-5 from 1989 to date). Check the carpets for dampness behind and under the seats and in the foot-wells. Also check inside the boot.

1) All models can suffer from blocked or restricted drain tubes which will cause wet carpets and is quite common on vehicles that live outside. The tubes are located behind the seats in the area which contains the folded hood. Refer to the internet to establish exactly where they are located on your model. There are many helpful videos out there on YouTube.

2) On some models the scuttle panel is held by two screws which fit into plastic grommets which can fail. This will cause ingress of water into the foot-wells, dripping down from under the dashboard. Again, refer to t'interweb for exact location and remedy.

3) There have also been reports of rear light units leaking on older models.

If you find leaks of any kind they will obviously need to be cured. Once done, dry out the car thoroughly with a small dehumidifier and/or lots of fresh air. To maintain dryness inside get one or two of those absorbent bags full of silica gel. They are available on t'internet.

Finally, pop over to the 'new members section and introduce yourself. We are a friendly, knowledgeable bunch, so tell us more about yourself and your car (y):giggle:

Regards, Kev.

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Hi Dave and welcome to the forum :)

Fingers crossed that you get your problem sorted
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Try moving your seats forward and see if the carpet is wet behind them, that will give you an idea if your drain tubes are blocked. My MK3 had a big puddle behind the passenger seat but cleaning the tubes sorted the problem,
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