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I hope they'll maintain all of Longbridge's traditions - like giving free life membership of the AA to all buyers......
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Oiiiii Oiiiii I must protest.
You know how much I loved my little Rover 25. He was beautiful and gave me nearly 10 years happy motoring, without any issues at all until the last 18 months. He was great, as was my Dads MG which had loads of miles on it (200k +) and they had some brilliant new cars in design which were stolen away (like the new mini). I love Rover cars. I would have bought another one if they still made them, and without the Rover collapse I had my eye on a lovely MGTF (in yellow).

I am afraid that this one didn't really have the wow factor for me when unveiled, and I am really very fed up with the news today saying how wonderful it is for the economy. Not for all of the thousands of worked who have been made redundant for the last 6 years- both direct and indirect employers of Rover. And no, it won't be a magic fix, they have a tiny staff and are importing all of the parts. The news reports are frankly insulting, especially the ones saying they feared Longbridge would have been flattened. Have they been there recently? I used to go there often to drop off parts, whats left is the equivalent of saying keep Worcestershire and flatten the rest of the UK, and the country is the same!

OOohh that is my first rant on here, and I don't often rant anywhere for that matter!
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