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My first MX-5 was in 2004. The company had withdrawn the company car policy but gave us, those that were entitled, a wedge of money per month to cover the cost of buying and running our own car.
It was a Mk2.5, Splash Green and gorgeous.
I had that car until 2007 when I moaned to my wife that she never helps me to put the hard top on and off in the winter and I'd scratched the paintwork, it was tiny but it gave me an opportunity to have a moan.
She said why don't I get the new one with the PRHT? (She doesn't know what PRHT is, she said the electric roof).
So I did, 1 March 2007 I drove the Mk3 out of the dealership with the 007 registration plate.
Never looked back, it's such a joy, second only to riding a motorbike (sorry for that, but it's true! HAHAHAHAHAHA).
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121 - 124 of 124 Posts