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Make sure it's the right one.
There may even be difference bet. the 1.8 and 2.0 so always make sure it matches your engine size

Locate filter near front of car (this'd be under the bonnet in the engine section of your wee baby :D)
Two clips... just snap open.... and then realise that it won't open fully due to a tie(not bow or necktie) being attached on the r/h(n/s) side.
Okay.... then push a bit to create enough of an aperture..... slide old filter out.... remove any leaves and insects from inside.... wish there was Swarfega in the house and curse you didn't put on gloves
Slide new filter in to place. Wriggle stuff around a bit.... go to snap shut clips.
Find that the left(o/s) one will do so but the right one is a pig.
In short.... mine is undone but i shall re-visit this issue later. :coffee:
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