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• Creating an Event

Event: The event title. No need for the date or location in here as that will be asked for separately.
Extra details box: Where you would normally write a post, add any extra details in here.
Venue, Address, Postcode: Self-explanatory, enter this information here and the map will find the location.
Start/End Time: Clicking this box will open a small calendar, choose the date. Next box for the meet time (or depart time) and AM/PM - finally set the number of hours you'd expect the event to last.
Timezone: If the event is in the UK, leave this setting alone.
Link: This is optional. Use this to add a link (URL) to extra information should you require it.
Save Event: This button does what it says.

Options: (these are normally left alone)
Recur This Event Every: Leave this setting alone and the box unchecked if the event occurs once.
Enable RSVP System: This is to allow other members to add their RSVP as Yes, No, Maybe. This setting is to be left alone and is checked by default.
Create Event Thread: Leave this setting alone. This is checked by default and creates the Events thread for you.

The calendar will automatically generate a thread in the Events forum and vice versa.

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The Events System includes a calendar, Google mapping and an RSVP system to allow attendees to say Yes, Maybe, or No.

User comments on the RSVP are shown in an overlay on-mouseover.
(Hovering over the username reveals the comments.)

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• Editing or Cancelling an Event

You may edit or cancel your own event, or please ask a member of Staff to help out.
In the event screen, you'll see an edit link.

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You can change any aspects of the event or even delete it from the calendar entirely.

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Please note
Deletions remove the event from the calendar completely.
It also locks and updates the thread with a notice to alert everyone following or "watching" the event.
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