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How to remove/replace your air vents

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Hi Guys
This may help some of you the other day i got hold of some silver mazda air vents as i wanted to add a little something to the interior without sticking bits of plastic on lol. The process below is the same for mk1 2 and 2,5 not sure about the mk3.
So if you are changing cleaning or removing your vents see below.
First you will need the following string small screwdriver and a blockbuster videos card....
insert the string and using the screwdriver pull it back out of the vent.

The push the card down the right side until you feel it release the first clip then pull on the string and slide the card round to the left side and push in until the second clip releases.
You dont need to pull hard no the vent will come out easily!

Now its out you can clean it up put a new one in or replace with a boost gauge!
I put some new ones in simply line up the two clips and push back in. They will lock back into place and your done this is also a good point to add more tape to the inner vent sleeve if you have the old problem of the vent balls not staying in place...
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I did the same thing last weekend including replacing the centre consul in silver. Makes a huge difference!
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