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Hi All, some of you will know me from the social media platforms, but mainly from the FB groups MX5 Europe NA/NB/NC & ND pages, along with the ND uk owners page and MoneyPit 5's page.

I'm based in Sussex and hold regular meets that are held across the entire south east.

I currently own a Recaro ND that has had a vast amount of modification in the 3 years of ownership.

I'll look forward to seeing and hearing from a lot of you soon.
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Hi marshallmiata and welcome to 馃槉

We are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch...some say all of life is here!! 馃槃
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A very warm welcome to Life, we are definitely a friendly bunch, fairly knowledgeable and with a wide interest in all things with wheels.

You'll see me kicking around on the MX5 Owners FB group as well (y)

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Hi marshallmiata.....

Welcome to the 'Life' madhouse.....Sorry, forum I meant! 馃槀
Love the wheels on Your ND, :love:....The 'Recaro' is a nice model, a lad I used to work with his father (97) has one with only 1,900 miles on the clock!
Keep asking if it's for sale but sadly not been given any encouragement!.....馃

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