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This year's Geneva Motor Show was venue for the world premiere of a multi-channel brand campaign that will tell the complete Mazda story using new media forms. The first of these is a website that offers a deep-dive into the Mazda brand and the secrets behind its success.
For instance, how could a carmaker that is relatively small have had such a large influence on the automotive industry? One of the answers is Mazda's history of defying convention; of thinking outside the envelope. In one video Masahiro Moro, Executive Officer for Global Sales and Marketing, talks about how overcoming the challenge of rebuilding the city in 1945 left an indelible mark on the people of Hiroshima, and became an important part the Mazda spirit.
Defy convention successfully,
and innovative products will follow

Only Mazda could work nearly a decade on a lightweight roadster, when nobody was making them anymore, and then amaze the world with the diminutive MX-5 that amazed the world with its outstanding driving dynamics. At the new website, Kijima-san explains how the concept of Jinba Ittai - the horse and rider as one - was instrumental in achieving this.
Mazda would continue to take the challenge of lightweight construction after the MX-5, and 18 years later introduce the current Mazda2, which changed the auto industry by being approx. 100 kg lighter, safer and more dynamic than its predecessor. Mazda2's Program Manager, Shigeo Mizuno, tells how this amazing feat was accomplished.
"The new brand campaign and its website is our approach to story-telling. It is the first phase of a multi-channel approach that will describe what's great about Mazda products while giving customers a reason to believe in Mazda and its people."
Jeff Guyton, President and CEO of Mazda Motor Europe
Watch all stories at
The website will be updated regularly with interactive features, competitions, pictures, interesting new content and videos about the past and the future of the brand, along with stories explaining Mazda values.

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