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This is the Mazda rack part no. NE85-V4-730 with integral LED brake light.


I recently bought it from an MX-5 Owner's Club member but subsequently decided not to fit it. I am selling for £100, which is what I paid.

It is in fair condition and I have tested the brake light.

The reason I decided not to fit it is that it requires protective film (not included) to protect the car's paintwork from the rack's feet and I didn't fancy having that on all the time.

I would like buyer to collect from me. I live near Bracknell. Happy to arrange viewing before commitment.

The stop light wiring harness with connectors is included. This wiring harness can be bought new as a separate kit so you could easily use the rack on more than one 5.

I understand that this rack fits any Mk3 model with Soft Top.
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