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Mazda Motor Corporation with headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan - as well as their colleagues at Mazda Motor Europe and all European organisations and dealers - want to convey their deepest sympathy to everyone affected by the major earthquake and Tsunami in northeast Japan.
To ensure the safety of its employees, their families and suppliers in the affected region, and to support country-wide rescue efforts, Mazda has decided to shut down production at their plants in Hiroshima and Hofu, both of which are about 1,000 km away in the southwest of the country. Any further steps in response to the crisis will be announced accordingly.
As a first response, Mazda is making an immediate donation of 30 million yen to support rescue efforts and assistance in the region. Mazda plans to monitor the situation and will also make badly needed materials - along with personnel - available as required.
Up until now, no Mazda employee has been directly affected as a result of the catastrophe. Mazda administrative buildings in Tokyo and the Mazda Development Centre in Yokohama escaped damage. Information is constantly coming in about other Mazda facilities and supplier companies, and Mazda is also looking into the effects the catastrophe could have on exporting vehicles by ship from Japan to Europe. However, these shipments usually take the south route in the direction of Taiwan, and are processed in areas far removed from the area affected by the catastrophe. The availability of Mazda vehicles in Europe is ensured for the time being, because production and transport of vehicles at Mazda's Japanese assembly plants are several months ahead of supply.

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what's the Z about?
I had no idea about the exchange rate.
Best part of £23mill.
I looked it up as a matter of interest and was quite surprised.
Three cheers to Mazda. ( and all others doing similar)
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