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More than 50,000 Mazda cars in North and Central America are being recalled because of possible problems with their fuel tanks caused by...spiders!
Yellow sac spiders have been known to build their nests in the fuel system of the Mazda6 model.

Mazda have come up with a solution to help both spiders and their owners, a "spring", which will help prevent spiders getting into the system in the first place.

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Yeah. Captain Haddock popped this on .COM earlier.
I couldn't resist putting up a picture of the one of the ugliest spiders on the planet.
A camel spider. ::shudders:::.... at least i didn't link to the one with one of those b*st*rds sat one someone's face :::bigger shudder:::
Anyway, gone off the idea of owning a 6 now ;)

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Now you say that Ben, lol.
DON'T read this if you are apprehensive about spiders........

No really I mean it, don't read it!

My sister used to work for an Entomologist? Hope that's the right word> Think a huge industrial unit containing snakes, lizards, crickets, I distinctly remember the African land (giant) snails and huge beetles- they were quite cute and lots and lots of spiders. I remember the goliath they showed me (mistakenly thinking they could cure my dislike of these things- mind you, once you have had a pink toe on your hand, I am not SO bothered by the house ones). they were showing me the black widows, millipedes (safely in their plastic punnets) and the like when i noticed a few of the bigger hairy tarantula plastic boxes had holes in. Turns out it was quite often they would somehow either chew through, or they would get bashed in the post. If you wondered this is a warehouse full of see-through strawberry punnets- thin clear plastic with holes in so they don't suffocate. Of course they only offered this information to me once I saw one run across the floor... and another one. :hot:erg. :?:I got out of their pretty quickly.
An isolated incident? No! My father had a workshop nearby and especially in the summer, they would skuttle across the workshop floor when he was working on the lathe. Apparently thats why you wear toe'tectors.:stomp: Anyway the good news for you arachnophobes is that the business is now closed down. I went to live nearby in my first house. I have never seen such weird spiders in the garden, not tarrantulars, just really irregular small things (made me wonder about cross breeding). Most of these exotic species don't last long out of captivity as they need heat etc, So there is no need to worry .

I will leave you townies with a final thought, I spent a fair time in the retail sector funding petrol whilst studying. Did you know that all leading Produce departments (fruits and veg to you) have policies on finding tarantulas? It happens quite often as they turn up in the bananas:D I know people who have found them at Sainsburys and Asda. It's ok, the shopworkers find them in those big cardboard boxes.... ....

Don't leave your roof off close to the door in supermarkets eh?
sweet dreams :D
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