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MK1 Air Induction

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What should I do to my MK1 re Air Induction.
Its a 1.8 with 110k on the clock has a MX5parts twin exhaust fitted but I feel i should do something at the intake end. K&N seems popular but it does not make any real difference according to popular belief. Advice please.
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I was looking though some of my old jap performance mags 2 day and came across induction tests for a mk1 1.8, the test car had a performance 4-2-1 manifold fitted plus a naca vent on the nearside head light. The best kit was a ITG Maxogen induction kit, it gave a 8bhp and 8lbft torque increase and when tested again with the inclution of a mx5 parts back box a further 2bhp and 3lbft torque was gained. The price for the induction kit was wait for it £375 ish! Hope this helps.
I've got a goowin racing/hks set up.
Looks ok but all that money for a bit of pipe. hhhmm. My kit is a bit like the k+n typhoon kit but have a cold air box around the filter.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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