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To change the oil on a Mk4 you have to remove a metal cover with about 9 off 12mm AF bolts and 2 off 10mm AF bolts. You loose the will to live half way through removing the bolts.

The two rear bolt holes have to be slipped above the rear black plastic cover.

We got it wrong when we replaced it as we needed in there to apply underseal to the front subframe.


The filter on the Mk4 is half the size of the Mk3 filter see here, the off white filter is off a Mk3.

It is much easier to gain access to the filter on the Mk4.

It needs a 68mm 14 flute cup wrench to remove it.


The Mk4 drain plug needs a 8mm allen key rather than a 17mm spanner. They both use the same crush washer.


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Many thanks for posting that up, Drumtochty...interesting and useful :thumbsup:

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Good post. :thumbsup:

We'll be seeing more of this thing. I was reading yesterday that one American owner has already exceeded 7000 miles in his ND. That must be a long commute to work.
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