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MOT no 27.

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It's not on DVLA site yet though, just got a call few hours ago.
Handbrake needed pinched up. Mind you I'm a bit OTT about
Just refuses to die.
Good news for his new owners who are going to rebuild (nut and bolt) Bruce over a couple of years.
A rolling resto you might say.
End of an era for me, but looking forward to new car soon.
These guys are top will be preserved for decades more.
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Never in doubt Robin (y)
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TBH BD eventually I'd needed to have flogged it for Spares/Repairs. Just do not have tools or facilities...but they do. At least he will not be a washing machine/cooker soon.
Next 5 target is the Sport sell off, and it needs to go to make space for the Swift in July. Got a couple of folks interested already. So, this is not a Sales Pitch. Penny will sell herself.
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