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Just wondering who amongst us is also into motorbikes ?

I fell in love with motorbikes after getting my first ride on the ubiquitous Honda 50 Cub when I was 11 years old and been riding on the road since I turned 17. Bikes have been my first true passion ever since and I still have one today and I've had way more bikes than I've had cars. I didn't even pass my car test until I was 24 !

Anyone else share the passion or are they a real no no ?

This is the current steed, a 2004 Yamaha Fazer 1000 (tho' hopefully it's new owner is going to come buy it today !!!)
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My saving grace has been not having a garage otherwise i may have down the bike route a few years ago... and be pushing up the daisies by now
i put off decisions and then fell in with the old idea about a sports car

i do love bikes but my sense of balance is crap whilst my sense of survial is strong

stone-cold sober and my tipping is crip ;)
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