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Hi everyone, just taken the plunge & bought a 2017 2.0 ND Sport Nav, picking it up next week.
Been driving auto autos! for many years now so the manual box on the MX is gonna take a bit of getting used to but seems a really nice gearchange & didn鈥檛 stall it once on my test drive 馃ぃ
Have previously driven a 1.5 ND hire car on holiday in Lanzarote which was fun, & have fancied one for ages so I bit the bullet!
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Hi Dave and welcome to the friendliest motoring forum on t'interweb! 馃槉

Great looking Mk4 (ND) you have there 馃憤
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Hi Dave!... 馃憢

Welcome to the 'Life' Madhouse.....Err, sorry forum I meant! :D
Must admit to my bias towards the ND as I have a 1.5 Se, that does it all perfectly!
Anyway, lots of content within here and helpful folk on this little corner of the 'Net'...
Keep us updated how you get on with the ND.

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Welcome along Dave,

Great car, great colour, as above I'm an advocate for the 1.5 engine, I'm sure you'll be more than happy with the 2.0.

Edited to say it is the same colour, it's one of those that looks different in different light.
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A warm 'Life' welcome Dave, we are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch here.
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