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What exactly doesn't fit?
Will the caliper not bolt to the caliper or will the caliper bolt up and it the disc that is conflicting?
If the caliper will bolt on then it may be simpler to get a disc that fits, possibly from another version of the MK2.x, other car or bespoke.

It seems there were quite a few changes to the brakes between MK1 & 2, I know when I was looking for servos to use on my kit car there were many different ones acorss these 2 models with some apparently used on both, presumably this applies to other parts of the braking system also. I think the differences were based on engine size, model (sport non-sport and so on), age and with/without ABS.

Seems as they moved to the MK3 things settled down quite a bit, all cars used same servo I think and all were ABS (again I think) based on the research I did at the time.

If the caliper won't fit would it be possible to make up (or get made) a bracket to adapt?
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