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Hey guys, long time mx5 owner I’ve had 2 x mk1s and currently have a 1.5 ND

I’m currently having a look at refreshing my suspension. It needs the rear hub bushes replacing aswell
Has anybody tried the polyurethane bushes available or the spherical bearings that are being offered?

Im also looking for a fast road set up to improve body roll and handling.
I’ve had meister r Zeta coil overs in the past on my mk1s and they were okay.
I want to maintain a good ride quality.

any suggestions welcome budget is approx £2k
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Welcome to 'life' :)

Hopefully our knowledgeable members will give you the answers

I'm an NC owner so absolutely no use to you but would like to say "Welcome" and wish you good luck with your search.
Hi VTWIN66....👋

Welcome to the 'Life' forum from another 1.5 ND owner!
I love my ND and have to say its the best Mx I've owned but sadly we'll be parting ways soon. ☹
Not had to do the Hub bushes yet,(Under 25,000 miles) but know they were showing signs of wear a few years back!
As you will see a member on here (MechanicalDesigner) does a kit for Hub bush replacement, ..If I was keeping mine I'd be contacting him!... a few others you'll find with a quick 'Google'....
As for a 'Fast road set up'....If you're down south 'WIM wheels in motion' are very good, or more North Paul Roddison at Sheffield are worth a visit and both can sort your car perfectly.

Enjoy the ND and keep us updated on the trials and Tribulations of ownership!
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Hello and Welcome to Life.

Shameless plug, I have a brand new set of MeisterR Zeta CRD's for sale listed in the classifieds on this site :ND - MeisterR ZetaCRD, brand new

I had a geometry and alignment set on my ND 1.5 last week which are based on Good-Win racing road fast road use, can share the numbers if of interest.
Hi and welcome to the forum :)
Hi VTWIN66 and welcome to 🙂

Some say all of life is here! 😄
Hi and welcome to "Life" !
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