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Non-MX5 Spotted

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Having already an mx5 spotted thread i thought it'd be fun to just keep an eye out for other cars of interest.
Like the Zonda you see regularly parked outside the chippy every friday night ;)

Like, last summer a bundle of us were in south Wales. I was separated from the gang for a time but came across this piece of zoomy droppage

wi teeny weeny back window
well, am sure hood will be down most of the time so it won't matter :p

this piece of very drop-top which hangs around with a similar but in wow green

motorway services last June off the M42... or 40....

a bit more local to home

[the old and the new]

a bit of a cheat since this is my step-pa's but he's given it on long term loan to his son..... cos he loves his Eunos :D

and that which finally prompted me to create this thread..... making it a TVR hat-trick

TESCO car park, Newtown - yesterday :)
Confession ~ i love the two classic TVRs but the Cerbera does very little for me.
If the driver had fired her up.... i may've changed my mind :D
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No worries :thumbsup:
a small cheat follows
the corvette in which i rode shotgun for a quick spin last year in Pennsylvania

including the chauffeur.... Bob

the noise is quite phenomenal
Oh my God!!!!! I like give me, just for 10 minutes, see i can hear the noise in my head. lush. Now, mind you if I was buying, I would have to repaint it. gloss black and flames down the side!! oh yeh!!!!!!! Please please.....
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As well as all things yellow, I have a very, very soft spot for DeLoreans. I think it very probably stems from Back to the Future, but what ever I have to stop and stare when ever I see one!
Firstly at the NEC Classic Car Show (I was there to work, but that never got in my way of dribbling over gorgeous cars)
Tire Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Wheel

you will notice this one has got a Flux Capacitor and everything!!!!! Anyway whilst on the MX5 stand with darling Eric at the Coventry Festival of Motoring this year, I met a friend, who's friend owned one, so was dragged off to inspect, and I couldn't be peeled away!!!
I love the gull wings :)
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Sky
so as it was a friend of a friends....
Car Smile Vehicle Land vehicle Wheel
Now if only i could have bribed him to let me drive it too, the Jelly babies that exchanged hands were only sufficient to let me sit in!
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Yep, I guesses as much, but I want one. :D
Eric hasn't been tot he Nec YET, I left him unattended at Coventry because, A) Mark and Captain Haddock and Captains wife were guarding him from pushchairs very well, and B) he was actually parked just behind the DeLoran, you can see a few of my MX5ing friends just behind the car in the first picture- and hint of Evies car. This one shows it better.
Clothing Car Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate
This does however mean that Eric got a tiny bit jealous and was forced to accidentally churn up some grass on the way out ;)
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Now thats what you need, forget lowering, you wouldnt need to slow down for speed bumps in those!!!!
Today sharing the same car park as Eric, numerous boring Audis, A Bentley Continental, an Aston Martin in a very disagreeable pale blue, a Ferrari 430 with an unimpressive exhaust and a gorgeous white Lambo may even have been a Murcielago :D Must visit there again soon! Although the food was gorgeous, may need other mortgage to buy drinks though!!!
Sound almost as good as last night :giggle:
No Stu, mine was the only MX5. Been out again since then, and most weirdly after our conversation about never seeing Suzuki Capucinos- I saw one!!!! It was very dark, so dont think the photos will be great


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OMG what are the chances :roflmao:
My mate thought I was nuts as i stopped the car to take the picture!
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Most are red, a few navy blue!!
Was it my imagination or did we pass an aston yesterday too??! With disguise kit? It was covered in plastic on its wings and lights like it was a prototype? It was heading to leominster from the direction of the richards castle crosss roads.
yellow calipers looking good, firemen looking good too :)
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Pretty :D
I have seen a pink Ford Ka(k) with eyelashes. The eyelashes were the best bit. Marks car- Kate- needs eyelashes :)
a pink beamer? erg on 2 counts :(
Like the green light surrounds, but a nice big lime green graphic ala my dream mx5 if i had to have a black one ;)
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the Italian Job - with Transits - i like it :D
I'm up for that!!!!!! LOL I have had the practice :)
Shame as i think they were all empty.:(
it was just the practice run :) Mind you you would need a big Fast Eddie to park 3 transits in up those ramps
Yeh, we have to have minibus tests at work :(
Do you get lessons in how to drift a minibus ;) :)
Don't need lessons in that :)
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LOL it just happens...
yes, honest officer :)O:)
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