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Non-MX5 Spotted

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Having already an mx5 spotted thread i thought it'd be fun to just keep an eye out for other cars of interest.
Like the Zonda you see regularly parked outside the chippy every friday night ;)

Like, last summer a bundle of us were in south Wales. I was separated from the gang for a time but came across this piece of zoomy droppage

wi teeny weeny back window
well, am sure hood will be down most of the time so it won't matter :p

this piece of very drop-top which hangs around with a similar but in wow green

motorway services last June off the M42... or 40....

a bit more local to home

[the old and the new]

a bit of a cheat since this is my step-pa's but he's given it on long term loan to his son..... cos he loves his Eunos :D

and that which finally prompted me to create this thread..... making it a TVR hat-trick

TESCO car park, Newtown - yesterday :)
Confession ~ i love the two classic TVRs but the Cerbera does very little for me.
If the driver had fired her up.... i may've changed my mind :D
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i saw a cayman s in llan'dod TESCO a couple of months ago but didn't take a photo
The only modern Porsche that i like... esp. in white
i like e types but have never had the desire to own one
Saw an XKR (cheers Capt) drop-top parked up in Ludlow.
Later on in day saw an E-type about 100 metres from it
Earlier, saw an Aston... No. plate OO05AML... in a dirty bronze colour.
had brill time and, just for you, some e-typery, MJL :)

all had a large made-up daffodil so it's one of the daffodil classic car runs but can't find anything on the web, atm
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thought you may like 'em, MJL :)
No worries :thumbsup:
a small cheat follows
the corvette in which i rode shotgun for a quick spin last year in Pennsylvania

including the chauffeur.... Bob

the noise is quite phenomenal
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Bad photo so not putting up but spotted a yellow Chim. in Chesham
Wish i could've heard her properly
however, and again no photo, but trundling south on the M40 i caught sight out of the corner of my eye of a lump of very very fast scaffolding heading north
My first ATOM. Wow!
in case someone has a brainstorm and can not recall what one looks like...... :inlove:
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methinks the low bridges in this area will win the battle ;)
Red Porsche Carrera and TR4a(BRG) in Llan'dod TESCO cp :cool:
Amongst otehr fairly nice things the one that had me smiling and crying was the yellow vx220
fab exhaust and he'd sorted out his top as well
trouble is we were both on the Dobbies roundabout(Shrewsbury) when we saw the topped mk3.5..... oh the shame :(
I saw a Cappacino yesterday(A49)
Red one.. in fact they tend to be red... the ones i see anyway
[flipping 'eck... rain is belting down here...]
i prefer a Latte or a Macchiato :coffee:
Red (similar to copper red) Chimera(i think) was waiting to pull out on to the A49 bet. Leominster and Ludlow yest. afternoon as the parade of cars (will people get a move on... just cos it's a ferkin bank holiday)
7 came the other way in BRG so waved at Mark's BRG...
After Ali had parted company with us on Clee Hill another 7 came in - similar to Win. Blue colour and the couple enjoyed the ice-cream whilst we enjoyed the view and the exhaust as she came and went
i have a photo - just can't show it off :D
just seen another TVR... again possibly a CHIM - black - top down by Marlbrook(Cadbury factory) on the A49.....'s'nice!
and have photo in phone of black DB7 being cleaned by Bosnian Russian Albanian esque people (sorry to any from the balticesque states but i have never asked the good people of their origins)
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Yes - well remembered.... not seen one in a while - tend to see them bet. here and Newtown
Old drop top Merc (70s style) 0 have pic but....
and likewise a Locost/Caterfield style doing

Will add on my db7 .... one day..... ::heavy sigh::
Oooh saw a Frogeye a couple of days ago - can't remember where now
Just seen a Bentley Tourer in town - dunno capacity but it looked gorgeous and sounded gorgeous
Hampshire no.plate, i believe

Saw that Gulf coloured article that Ali and one of my colelagues saw the otehr week
Don't think it's a Saleen - but does resemble an Ascari..... on, i think, Belgian plates
is that a 612? - nice calipers.... beats red.... tho orange looks right as well

ETA: pics from my phone

possibly some Lo-cost kit car doing
and this is the owner climbing in

parked in a similar spot on another day

??? carrera s?? am crap at 911s

Also at Crossgates... a classic at the pumps

and a classic in it's own time being bosnian'd altho these could be albanians

DB7- i know cos twas badged.... ;)

one for Ali
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i love Caymans but diodn't think it was one in the flesh
i cans ee why you've said it is from my photo, having said that
you can get drop-top ones but i actually prefer the ht lines... hmmm :D
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