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Non-MX5 Spotted

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Having already an mx5 spotted thread i thought it'd be fun to just keep an eye out for other cars of interest.
Like the Zonda you see regularly parked outside the chippy every friday night ;)

Like, last summer a bundle of us were in south Wales. I was separated from the gang for a time but came across this piece of zoomy droppage

wi teeny weeny back window
well, am sure hood will be down most of the time so it won't matter :p

this piece of very drop-top which hangs around with a similar but in wow green

motorway services last June off the M42... or 40....

a bit more local to home

[the old and the new]

a bit of a cheat since this is my step-pa's but he's given it on long term loan to his son..... cos he loves his Eunos :D

and that which finally prompted me to create this thread..... making it a TVR hat-trick

TESCO car park, Newtown - yesterday :)
Confession ~ i love the two classic TVRs but the Cerbera does very little for me.
If the driver had fired her up.... i may've changed my mind :D
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Ok a few friends cars....


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They look super cool Martin but have to agree give me a 5 any day :thumbsup:
You're so lucky Jot, Ludlow is so evocative with its Castle ruins and sixteenth century architecture that it is the ideal place for another piece of English history... the E-Type.
And a load of mx5's tomorrow :)
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Now giving me or Ali the keys to the above would be a good idea :rofl:
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What is it about the Corvette Stingray which really is visually exciting? Perhaps it is because looks fast and powerful, and it is.
You know with tyres like that you can really burn some rubber :roflmao:
As well as all things yellow, I have a very, very soft spot for DeLoreans. I think it very probably stems from Back to the Future, but what ever I have to stop and stare when ever I see one!
Firstly at the NEC Classic Car Show (I was there to work, but that never got in my way of dribbling over gorgeous cars)
View attachment 272
you will notice this one has got a Flux Capacitor and everything!!!!! Anyway whilst on the MX5 stand with darling Eric at the Coventry Festival of Motoring this year, I met a friend, who's friend owned one, so was dragged off to inspect, and I couldn't be peeled away!!!
I love the gull wings :)
View attachment 273 so as it was a friend of a friends....
View attachment 274 Now if only i could have bribed him to let me drive it too, the Jelly babies that exchanged hands were only sufficient to let me sit in!
Very cool car was a guy in harborne that had a few of them one even in full back to the future spec!
What's more concerning is you left Eric on a stand at the nec unattended :)
Today sharing the same car park as Eric, numerous boring Audis, A Bentley Continental, an Aston Martin in a very disagreeable pale blue, a Ferrari 430 with an unimpressive exhaust and a gorgeous white Lambo may even have been a Murcielago :D Must visit there again soon! Although the food was gorgeous, may need other mortgage to buy drinks though!!!
Sound almost as good as last night :giggle:
No Stu, mine was the only MX5. Been out again since then, and most weirdly after our conversation about never seeing Suzuki Capucinos- I saw one!!!! It was very dark, so dont think the photos will be great
OMG what are the chances :roflmao:
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I saw a Cappacino yesterday(A49)
Red one.. in fact they tend to be red... the ones i see anyway
[flipping 'eck... rain is belting down here...]
bought one today :coffee::roflmao:
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Droitwich today (just for MJL) :)
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky
Automotive parking light Car Sky Vehicle Tire
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:thumbsup: Love the pap snaps
Jot - I think the Porsche is actually a Cayman (the coupe version of the Boxster)
100% Cayman and must say it's the best looking one ;)
i love Caymans but diodn't think it was one in the flesh
i cans ee why you've said it is from my photo, having said that
you can get drop-top ones but i actually prefer the ht lines... hmmm :D
My friend has a red one and if i'm not mistaken you can tell by the hight of the rear spoiler :)
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood
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Had one as a hire car they really don't like sand and rocks end result is a burnt out clutch :eek::roflmao:
500 sport was ok looked better than it drove but seems to by the same with most cars after you have driven a 5 ;)
1.4 for a hire car it was top spec and only had 1800 km on the clock ;)
It was fun but anything would have been the way i drive hire cars on holiday :giggle:

Never forget one time in the uk I had a hire car and my driving style was reported back to the company maybe had something to do with the fact I went for a little rally style fire road driving :roflmao:
What make and model of hire car was that Stu?
BMW 330 m sport :)
The 3 litre petrol or diesel - I reckon the petrol would have gone sideways nicely ;)
Petrol and yes it did :) used a bottle of t cut on it to try and hide the event.....
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Just what the road needs baby audi drivers :roflmao:
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