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I have for quite some time now, been championing Powermaxed products

My car and my Clients benefit from their large range....and it wont break the bank
Having a Trade account is the bonus
I have 3 different waxes
1. Powermaxed Tsunami Ceramic based Polymer Wax:
Produced exclusively for 'Waxstock 2016'

2. Powermaxed Typhoon Wax :

3. Powermaxed BTCC High Carnuaba content Show Wax (Limited Edition):

Each wax was applied to a 1/3 Panel of my wifes Citroen DS4 bonnet, after first removing all traces of previos products...This is important or bonding issues will manifest themselves later
Left to haze for 10 minutes
All easily removed with a MF cloth
Results were excellent but it was impossible to tell the difference between each one after buffing up

The real test will be in the durability
I will post back here with later beading and durability results

I have applied the Tsunami to my 5 as well
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