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Rear bush problems mk4

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Hi folks! I posted a couple of weeks ago regarding premature wearing of bushes in the suspension hub carrier. I have had it fixed today with 70% of the bill paid for by mazda and 2 year warranty on parts and labour. I contacted mazda direct for a larger % but got nowhere....and it is a like for like part so I'm sure it will go again. However...I contacted some of the automotive bush manufacturers and Polybush have replied saying they have mk4 bushes under test and the suspension hub bushes being designed at the moment! So watch this space! Customers should be able to buy individual bushes for the suspension hub as opposed to purchasing a whole hub! Spread the word and keep your eyes peeled on their website!
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Hi Duggan, welcome :wave:

I'm afraid I'm not very up on bushes and the like

but hopefully someone will be along soon that is :)
Fingers crossed the testing goes well
What testing?
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