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Rear bush problems mk4

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Hi folks! I posted a couple of weeks ago regarding premature wearing of bushes in the suspension hub carrier. I have had it fixed today with 70% of the bill paid for by mazda and 2 year warranty on parts and labour. I contacted mazda direct for a larger % but got nowhere....and it is a like for like part so I'm sure it will go again. However...I contacted some of the automotive bush manufacturers and Polybush have replied saying they have mk4 bushes under test and the suspension hub bushes being designed at the moment! So watch this space! Customers should be able to buy individual bushes for the suspension hub as opposed to purchasing a whole hub! Spread the word and keep your eyes peeled on their website!
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Thank you for that, Hez :)
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Hello I have a 2015 ND 30k and developed the rear rattle, took to a mazda garage, telling me I need a new hub at £750, my car was bought from an independent garage so doesn't have a full mazda service history so I reckon a good will offer from mazda is unlikely. The mazda garage did offer to fit replacement bushes though if I could source them. Poly bush seem to have developed a set specifically for this purpose but can find anyone on any forum who has tried them and any forum discussion on fitting poly bushes seems to warn against due to a harsh ride. These bushes are blue as oppose to their standard orange though and marked as comfort ride though which makes me think they have taken a non race track approach to these particular bushes although they say they have been tested by a race team. Any thoughts out there on whether I should give them a shot?
Hi Duggan,

This is what I wrote on your introductory post on here (see below)

Hi Duggan and welcome to the forum.

I must tell you that the 'bushes' that wear on this model are not bushes at all, but in fact spherical bearings (or rose joints) so not a simple 'bush' replacement I'm afraid.

There are bushes within the rear uprights (hub-carriers) but the noise you can hear is from those spherical bearings, which are not an easily replaceable item. I must also tell you that the bearings are a well known durability issue worldwide and you will find many posts about it on various MX-5 forums, including this one. They have proven to be under-engineered for our rough road surfaces and at 30,000 miles you have had the best out of them. Mine went at around 26,000 miles - some owners get more, some less - but they will fail eventually on ND models.


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