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Rocketeer Build Videos

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maybe of interest to some as a Sunday night treat....

A documentary of the engine swap from Jag to MX-5 rocketeer kit

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Must admit this would be the conversion I'd most like to do.....knowing just how sweet the Jag V6 is!

Only thing I wasn't keen on, was shown on the 'Car Throttle build' and that was chopping the hole in the Mx-5 bell housing to accommodate the Jag starter motor... :rolleyes:
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It's fair to say the 'Rocketeer kit' is far better thought out /engineered than it's given credit for (I too have looked in great detail at it.....mainly due to owning the Jag!!)..... :rolleyes:

And nothing like the piece of s*** that Martin posted from 'Road and Track'..... :frantic:

:giggle: :giggle: :hug: :giggle: :giggle:
Hmmm....Knowing how notorious the Jag sump gasket is for leaking,(very common) I'd at least have been tempted into putting some sealer or a new gasket on there!.... :unsure:
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Music is beginning to annoy!
Interesting you say that - I had a comment on that video on YouTube from someone who reckons the music is "killing the videos".

Seems like it's hard to gauge the right amount of music - B is for Build use lots of music, and Urchfab uses minimal music and lots of silence (during the timelapses).

Is it the amount of music, or the style of music that is putting you off?锘
For me I'm not too bothered about the music....just the volume! often ends up louder than any commentary!

I find myself adjusting it up and down a lot! :unsure:

I like to know more about the parts that are added or removed and the work required during a build....

Good luck with the project....It's one I'd love to do. :thumbsup:
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^^^^Thanks for posting Dave...

Your Mk1 looks very tidy, and I've always liked them in white! :thumbsup:

Have to agree about the tyre lettering though! :sick:
Thanks again Dave.....

I found that much more informative, and didn't need to switch off the 'hearing-aid' :giggle: (just joking).

Was almost like I was there helping! :nod:

Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:
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Good move on the sump gasket Dave.... :thumbsup:

When I bought my 3.0 X-type, I looked at so many cars and they were all leaking, thought I found a good one, but within 6 months that started leaking too!

I didn't repair it due to the amount of labour it would have needed as mine was AWD, (9 hours as the transfer box would have to come out!......and a total 拢700 bill!.....Half of what I paid for the car) but good on you for doing it right! :nod:
Thanks Dave....

That flywheel looks quite something!.....Any plans to paint the rocker covers on the Jag engine?

I would!.... :nod:
Good stuff Dave....(I'll just take a minute for the 'dizzy-ness' to wear off!) :rolleyes:

The V6 looks right 'at home' sat in there it has to be said!.... :hug:
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Thanks again Dave, very satisfying for you swapping out the 'crusty' parts for some nice shiny ones!

It'll be a very different beast to the Prius!.... ;)

I'm enjoying the videos..... :nod: :thumbsup:
Very good Dave it's getting close!.....Bet you can't wait for the 'big day' now! :nod:

Getting it fired up and your first drive!.... :thumbsup:
Glad to see you finally painted the rocker covers David!.... :p

I understand you just wanted to get it up and running, but fair play to you for doing the paint, (just not sure I'd have had the heart to start stripping it back down just to paint when up and running) and a good choice to match the wheels! :thumbsup:

I guess it's probably not a good time to mention 'painting' the suspension hubs and other bits.......(runs for cover..... :frantic: :rolleyes: ).
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Well done Dave the Jazda sounds great..... :thumbsup:

Roll on the first drive!

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Nice to see it 'finished' Dave.... :nod:

Sorry to hear the engine isn't as healthy as it could have been! :unsure:

The 3.0 V6 is usually a good strong motor and 100k shouldn't have been an issue (my old 3.0 X-type had over 111,000 on it and was a peach!)....maybe some of the servicing on your engine wasn't done as well as it could have?

Hope you have it back fit and healthy soon.....
Nice to 'catch up' with you and 'Jazda' Dave...

Gutted for you that you've had so much 'grief' with both the Jag motors. :(

I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end though!

Hope you get sorted soon... :nod: ...Look forward to some nice driving video!

Good luck.
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Congrats on getting this far Dave!

I guess sometimes you must have felt like throwing in the towel.....good for you that you didn't! :thumbsup:

It just seems the Mk1 & the Jag V6 were made for each other.... :inlove:

Enjoy, and drive carefully!!... :nod:

Don't forget to keep us informed how you get on!....All the best.
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Shame to see you putting 'Jazda' up for sale David after all your hard work.....I must admit I do quite like the 'Rocketeer' and think it makes a stunning package.

Testament to that being that I almost bought a Mk2 with the kit installed last summer and it wasn't expensive at 拢7995, think it cost almost double to build!!

I'm sure it provides many smiles per gallon, and someone will love it....

Good luck with the sale, I hope to see what project you take on next.
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Fair play to you David, I did wonder what you could possibly replace the Jazda with but must admit to a little admiration for the 'Beat' myself.

I look forward to seeing how you get on!... :thumbsup:
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The painting of the 'Grille' mad quite a bit of difference there David.....Thanks again. (y)
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