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N.B. after I posted this I realised I had mentioned it but as part of another thread so I'm going to leave this as is.

Don't think I mentioned it but I did Route 66, yep from Chicago to Santa Monica Beach, in April 2022. It had been booked to go in 2020, but we won't go there OK!
Two weeks riding with a break in the middle so we had a whole day in Santa Fe.
It was a fabulous ride, cold and wet to begin with and practically the whole way we had pretty awful high winds hitting us from the right but it was still an adventure of a lifetime.
Like an idiot, after repacking because my wife worried as I wasn't going to take my bike boots and armoured trousers, my camera and other electronics were left in a side pocket of the original bag I was going to take DOH! Anyway, I purloined (with permission) lots of videos from two friends on the ride and they, and loads of photos, can be seen on the website wot I rote.
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