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Scottish Fivers Dumfries and Galloway run

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7 cars went on a wee run down to the David Coulthard Museum in Twynholm on Saturday.

well over 200 miles round trip, pretty wet in morning but turned out to be gorgeous day.

7 manky motors

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Some of the petrol prices around are shocking, just because it's a wee bit off the main road :grr:
love the pictures Kaz, especially the 1st looking down on the magnificent seven :)
Pic was taken from the Big Water of Fleet Viaduct

Never realised Coulthard was a museum piece !
It's just a wee museum but packed with a fair amount of stuff from his career. It's also got a café :D
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Was a really good day out. Turned out gorgeous in the afternoon.

Yes, we have a lovely Splash Green named Tootsie.
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