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Small leak out of bottom of engine, any help appreciated.

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I just bought this MK1/NA MX5 yesterday. There was a leak before dripping on the ground a bit before I bought it but the owner found a crack in the 90 degree bend on the water pump inlet shown below.


It feels like water, not viscous at all. Unsure where it of where it may be coming from but evidently it is somewhere above that belt pulley or near it.

I'm not too worried as it is only a small leak and that's somewhat par for the course will old cars, but I would like to reach the source and then be able to do something about it.

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How about popping over to the introductions section and saying hello properly. You will always get a better response as it is much nicer to know who we are talking to.

In the meantime, that is the area of the water pump.
It's unusual as it appears clear with no antifreeze. Best thing to do is give it a good clean around that area first and it will help to see the source.
Possible water pump leak and will only get worse
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