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I received the usual publicity e-mail from Mazda Australia about the launch of the new electric Mazda. I have been waiting for a new and sensible Mazda electric car since driving the GM Volt back in 2017. It was not a pleasant surprise.
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Good luck with viewing that.

It is as ugly as you could expect! Why does a car/truck with only a 224 kilometre range have to look like a 4x4? It is not as if you are going to drive it across the Nullabor!

Oh, and the pile of insults costs $71,000 (37,000+ pounds!).

P.S. The Volt that I drove was worth exactly nothing in 2020! (Need for full battery pack.)

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Yes Martin....Why do electric vehicles have to be hideous looking?
Nissan leaf (although the new ones look slightly better...)
Tesla...Com'on don't tell me any of them could be described as pretty!

Thankfully I'll never be able to afford one it won't be an issue! :D

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Well, I think the Tesla models look like they're wearing a 'gimp' mask!!! (Those who know will know what I mean!)

That Mazda electric thing is hideous!! What is that tiny glass area all about?? The side windows are almost non-existent!!

I wouldn't have one of those monstrosities if they were free - and I mean that too! What on earth is happening in automotive design?? 馃槶
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