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Hi all new to this forum - just bought a 2006 1.8 for the summer. The car is in immaculate condition inside and out and has only covered 60k.

I have noticed the rear tyres are Goodyear Eagle F1 205/55ZR16
The front tyres are Rapid P609 205/50ZR16

They are all look in almost new condition - is this "mix" of tyres OK?

Many thanks in advance :)

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Hi Joypool.... 馃憢
Having owned a 1.8 SE for a little while, the 50 series tyres were the standard fit for 16" wheels, Yokohama were the brand fitted at the time.
I'd doubt the difference is likely to cause any issues just don't have them 'mixed' on the same axle.
Never heard of 'Rapid' Tyres so will probably be a budget brand.

Personally I'd want to get the Goodyear's matched as they are the better quality tyre and they would be better for rear grip and therefore better in the wet.

When you have a minute pop over to the introductions section and tell us a bit about yourself and your new Mx. 馃憤

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Personally I would be looking to match the Goodyears. Rapid are a Chinese brand made by the Shengtai Group, their marketing blurb tells us that they offer unrivalled performance at a price you can afford, for me that reads as potentially "ditchfinders" sounds a bit harsh I know but tyres along with other safety critical items on the car are one area I never, ever compromise on. I suspect that the Shengtai Group will have been making industrial tyres for a long time but are now breaking into the domestic market. Of course it isn't that long ago that the likes of Khumo, Hankook and a few other now premium brand tyres were viewed as cheap, budget tyres, so perhaps I am being overly critical.

Looking at the sizes you have given,there is a little bit of a conundrum for you, it goes without saying that the Goodyear Eagles are a great tyre but unfortunately whoever had them fitted had the wrong size fitted, on the 16" rims the tyres should be 205/50 and not 205/55 so somewhat ironically the budget brand are the right size. Again for me I'd be getting shot of the budget brand and getting the correctly sized Goodyears up front nd when the rears wear out just ensure that you get the correct profile tyre fitted.

After all of that, welcome to our friendly forum, you might want to pop over to the new mmbers section and give us an introduction, we also have a fondness for photos of the members cars.

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My current 5 had a mix of Chinese tyres on it 馃槼 when I got it. In the dry they felt OK, but in any other conditions they were lethal and it spoiled the car.
It pained me at the time to replace four tyres with probably thousands of miles left with new Hankooks, but the car feels so much better. I can fling it around without having to judge whether there'll be grip. I would get rid of the Chinese ones and get another couple of Goodyears.

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Hi Joypool 馃檪

All of the advice above is spot-on, so I can only reiterate the importance of premium tyres, at the correct size and profile, especially on a lightweight and sensitive-handling car like the MX-5.
Also, running with slightly 'taller' tyres on the rear may cause the speedometer to under-read slightly, in other words the car may be travelling at a slightly faster speed than the speedo is indicating, although it will probably be within the 10% statutory discrepancy allowance as required by law, so bear that in mind (but please don't lose any sleep over it!)

As our good friends above have mentioned, it would be great if you'd pop over to our new members section and tell us a little about yourself and maybe see a piccy or two of your motor 馃憤 馃槉
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