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Ok this is a simple one the hardest part is choosing the exhaust!
I went for this one
Keep you eye on eBay mx5parts have them on every now and again.......


Standard really not very good exhaust first thing you're going to need is wd40 mole grips and a hammer.....

Spray away as these babies will be solid leave them for 30min then if you can use some mole grips to undo (with a gentle tap from a small hammer ;))

Now you just need to release the exhaust from the rubber mounts use a small screwdriver and washing up liquid this will free them up and make it easier to insert the new one!

Ok as you can see I have used a friends ramp without it I would still be trying to get the last nut off.... However you can still DIY. All you need to do now is make sure the rubber mounts are ok if not replace them!
Now using the washing up liquid insert the new exhaust hangers into the mounts.
Then line up the two bolts (after inserting a new gasket) tighten them up and go!

The exhaust will be ten times better than the old one but the true sound including pops takes a few weeks to develop.
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