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What I did today. (MX5 and Motoring)

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Went on the NWOC run to Kettlewell with 31 other 5s, and we bumped into about 25 Peaks and Pennines OCers.
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Safetymatch and DPC - some good photos there - thanks for sharing :thumbsup: :)

It looks like you both had a good day out :)

I had the pleasure of leading the second group on the SWMOC drive, which included DPC and Tez, and we all made it to the lunch venue without losing anyone :)

It was a brilliant day out - thanks to all SWMOC members who made it so, and in particular to Ali, Jot and Jumpman for devising a route and for their selfless dedication to the cause, in trying out the ice creams on each of the pre-runs :)
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7. Poser ~ loves having his photo taken ;)
Quite the reverse :frantic:

Some good photos there, although I think the first photo seems to have become the last (and shrunk too :eek:) so the captions don't quite match up!
Safetymatch - I guess it is a small consolation but at least leather seats are easier to clean than cloth ones!!
yeah there was an issue as i initially chose Thumbnail but it didn't do the load up where you click on and they become bigger so i was beaten by the system :(
Things usually go haywire when I am in the photos :eek:
Looks like you didn't get any better weather than we did, although we were cloudy and at times wet we didn't need jackets, weather men Pahh!
Dry all day for us - and mainly sunny too :)
when it asks me about Thumbnails that is literally what i get so.... ho-hum :cool:
Any photos of me - the smaller the better ;)
Ali - some good photos there - thanks for sharing :)

I will see if I have any photos of group 2, although as I was leading, and was on my own, the photo opportunities were a bit limited!!
yep, the front of a convoy is not a useful place for photos! I will go back to the back!
The most frustrating thing was having an open road in front of you and wanting to put your foot down, and then remembering you couldn't in case the cars behind couldn't keep up :frantic:
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As promised some photos of group 2 from the SWMOC drive on Sunday :)

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Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle
Automotive parking light Vehicle Sky Car Plant
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Walked along the seafront at Gavin and Staceyland aka Barry Island and had a '99 ice cream :)
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Storm, Eric and Stealth were very well-behaved :)
As always ;)

As Admiral disappeared into the sunset, having missed the pub, I could just see the credits rolling on the finale of Petrel's adventures :D
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I bought myself a present.....
A very nice looking '5 you have bought there and a nice birthday present to yourself :)

When do you pick it up or have you got it already?
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Ali - looks like a good day out :)

This evening, I went for a 60 mile topdown drive to buy some chips :)
Where is that, Ali?
I have no idea either, but there is a Welsh flag flying so that narrows it down a bit!!

Edited to add - it can't be too far into Wales as Ali drove 131 miles today!
Raglan.... or Raglan..... or Raglan ;)
Is that a guess, have you been there before or did Ali tell you?
Today I thought I would do a tour of the Mazda dealers in the locality to see if I could see the new MX5 Sport Black :). I went to 2 dealers and saw all 3 colours (green, white and red) although not all close up (the dealers may not have both been open!!)

The green is definitely the most striking and I am very tempted - there is just the question of the £23k list price!! :rolleyes:
I only drove about 70 topdown miles today to meet up with some old MX5 friends from South Wales, some of whom I have not seen for 3 years :)

Some of the cars:-

Tire Car Wheel Cloud Vehicle
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Captain - doesn't look like the weather was too good :eek:
My wife and I went for a 65 mile topdown drive and stopped for an ice cream, as you do :). The heavens opened just as we were finishing eating the ice creams, so we took shelter for 10 minutes! We were then able to continue topdown for the rest of our route, although on rather wet country roads so I now have a rather dirty MX5 :eek:
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From this :

To this :

Dan, your MX5 looks good as new :)

Had a trip out to Shelsbey Welsh breakfast club:thumbsup:
DPC - liking the Morgans :). When is the next breakfast club - maybe we can organise a MX5Life mini meet to the next one :)
Which MX5 are you fitting the new seats in?
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