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What I did today. (MX5 and Motoring)

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Went on the NWOC run to Kettlewell with 31 other 5s, and we bumped into about 25 Peaks and Pennines OCers.
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Took a quick scoot up the East Neuk of Fife, bit blowy mind you! Majorly diappointed to find,
1. my camera's battery was flat, back up battery on order now. And
2. the sheer number of mentalist arseholes on the road.

Angry chap in his Arstra VRWXYZ thingy sitting as close as any German labelled car would to my rear, so, I wrong laned it deliberately on a roundabout, (no other cars around incase you wonder), to let him past.

Oooh yeah he passed me all right and then immediately brake tested me and made various angry gestures in his mirror. I wasn't going to stop and get into anything with him he had one of those hard edged faces like a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that had been banged off a series of sharp objects on a regular basis:eek: and a look that said I'm pissed or high. 10 years ago or even if I had my full fitness I would possibly have remonstrated to find out why oh why he was so angry at me being nothing but polite and letting him steam off at..............oh yes, an easy 70 in the 30 we had just entered swinging in and out wildly overtaking everything in sight!! Yup, I really should have taken his number and 999'd it in.

That and I'm afraid the ever present oldies in their eternal Nissan Micra's sitting at 20 in the 60 zones where all the interesting twisties lie and then whipping up to 40 in the 30 zones, oh for phasers and/or photon torpedoes on board.

Hee hee, despite all that it was good getting out and about in a truly beautiful part of the country, good to experience the wildness and indeed bleakness of these places in less than good weather.
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Me too :(

I also followed one home doing 27 in a 60, and just couldn't pass him. And then I have taken my car in, and they have given me..... a micra, and Steve, I hate to break this to you, but I suspect 30mph may have been their top speed (downhill!). I shall test that theory tomorrow on the way to work, at least if the thimblefull of petrol that is in it lasts to the nearest petrol station........
My dear departed mother in law had one of the first micras, a full on 1000cc and honestly it was quite nippy,(it's all relative of course but it could be made to move), later in life she had a new shape micra which she hated, it was referred to as the slug :eek: such was her loathing for it :nod:

I think it is probably true that most modern small cars are slower than their predecessors, as manufacturers strangulate the performance in order to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, so that the cars will be cheaper to run, and in line with Government "policy"! :eek:
I agree Mark, as per my mother in law post, her first Micra was a joy but the newer model was hated vigorously, that said it could still reach reach and maintain the legal speed limit with ease and actually cornered quite well.

For me I'm afraid it's the blue/purple/pink rinse or the flat cap behind the wheel that is the issue. It's just like a crap craftsman trying to use decent tools, the result will always be the same, crap.

The speeds I related in my tale were no exageration, 20 in the 60s, (even a tractor will get up to 3o!), and speeding away from me as we came into the 30s, that is operator error and in my always humble opinion :rofl: just plain stupidity as it winds people up and generates impatience for the cars behind; and then when they whack it up to 40 plus in a thirty, well, we've all seen the creepy ad where the kid gets knocked over at 40mph, it just makes me shudder.

Anyway, sorry for climbing up on my soapbox :oops:and taking this thread off topic, I shall shut up and see what you've all been up to.
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Tick tock tick tock, that really is a smart looking install :thumbsup:
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Today went for a drive over to Cotswold Water Park with my (nearly)2 year old daughter, was fab, although she fell asleep
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Got some clear side repeaters for Xmas, make the car look nicer I think, thanks to Mark for the recommendation:thumbsup::thumbsup:
Did get round to it eventually!
Fantastic, some father daughter bonding, you won't regret it. Me and my girls did a lot of stuff like that from birth and they don't forget it, as far as they are cocerned the sun still shines from, well you know where. I remember when they were born (twins), some of my less enlightened work mates saying, 'you'll have to try for a boy now' my reply................ why?
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We were between Talla and Megget reservoirs (Steveti might know where we mean) it's a single track road in middle of nowhere.
4 hours for recovery.
Not specifically Kaz but I do know that it is bloody remote in that area, thankfully you were in company, imagine the feeling of impending doom if that happened if you were on your own!! The main thing is you got sorted and 10/10 to the Glen Café for staying open for you, fantastic.
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Wallowing in complete ignorance here but WTF is a venture? Seriously I am begining to loose track of the badge engineered LE/SE ranges. Venture sounds like it should be a mock 4x4 version of the 5. Is it an unlowered 5 perhaps. I don't know, Sushi, Samuri, Venture, where is it going to end?
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A limited edition MX5, with built in TomTom satnav, see here for more details:-
Thanks Mark, certainly never heard of in our area. Looks like brown seats and door cards, alloy pedal set, piano black dash insert and same on the steering wheel, (a feature I must admit I would like) and an integrated tom tom sat nav, for which you will be paying for updates after the first 3 months :eek: a different set of alloys and that's it. Not even a Bose system and the iPod connectivity is in the glovebox! I trust that the maps are easier to update that the Mk 2 that was made with an integrated sat nav, also, in the event that eight to ten years down the line it buggers up, what cost to replace or will it even be supported in the coming years, watch re-sale values plummet when they are trying to sell them on with a 5.8 inch blankscreen.

I also love their speil "Whilst the design of the MX-5 Venture aims to please the eye, the performance and driving dynamics keep your heart racing" Oh goody I thought, this will be the 200 bhp special edition engine made for this model................................. ah, crossbar, it has the same engine line up as the standard range.

Actually, on the face of it, its beginning to look like having a non LE/SE will soon be the exception to the rule, does that mean that those of us with standard cars, or indeed our own SE/LEs made up from uour very own mods will be commanding a premium price in the future?

Again I just feel that Mazda continue to do the MX5 further dis-service by churning out these, banal, (not all, there are a couple I do like), LE/SEs.

Yes I know, there he goes again banging on about MX5 special editions but I'm sure many of us car recall other manufacturers doing similar, noteably Ford in the eighties, who churned out dozens of parts bin spec'd up base models just to start shifting them out of the showrooms, the Capri Laser, Cameo, Tempo, Calypso, the escort Mk2&3 Linnet, Harrier etc. I fear that I am seeing these horrors unfolding before my eyes on a car that deserves so much more.
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Today I went to Ferryhill show it was a sh*tty day and rained lots so not much there.
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Hi Rob, some great looking cars there. What spec was the Capri? Looks like an RS3100/2600 or a Broadspeed special, or on the other hand could just be a modded up looky likey??? :thumbsup:
fast road is the way to go
not toooo bad on tyres - mine done april 2011
old Uniroyals still outlasted Advans (just) having done over 7months worth of driving [don't know the mileage] on fast road set up
the Advans did have time on aligned wheels but not lowered, alignment
I had the fast road set up done on mine at Pro Grip at around 300 miles from new. Original Bridgestones are now at 15.5k mls and still have around 4 mm tread! Mind you iirc the Bridgestones can wear pretty quickly from this poin on. Got 17k mls out of them on the Mk3, perhaps the 3.5 is easier on tyres with it"s revised geo? Dunno, I' certainly not driving it like Driving Miss Daisy ;)
heebeegeebees heebeegeebees heebeegeebees heebeegeebees heebeegeebees heebeegeebees heebeegeebees heebeegeebees heebeegeebees heebeegeebees heebeegeebees heebeegeebees

Lol, just messing as Jo loves the word.

What I did today, dropped Mrs ti and her mate off at Edinburgh airport as they are off for a week in Turkey. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, peace and quiet for Mr ti for a week. SB, you keep that one to yourself as well ;)
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Well got myself another 5 to do a bit load of work on:D
Just need to move my workbench so i can get both cars in the garage. And i need to find a way of removing that dead bloke out of the driving seat :eek:
Nice one Flea, can't have idle hands:thumbsup:
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I was very careful , I Hate it with a passion:stomp:
Oh yes, funny that my Mrs and her mate are off to Turkey for their break this year mind you :eek::p
Looks real nice, I hope I get the chance to visit Devon sometime ......never been :(
Lol, from a Scotsman living in the central belt............ Stevo, you have to do it, as most of you know, my Bro lives in S.Devon so I do the 520 mile run door to door at least once a year, it really is a beautiful part of the country/world and well worth the drive down.
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Only plonker on the sometimes deadly A9 was a new white BMW M5 eating up gaps in the two -way sections who got hauled by the Police about 10 miles south of Kingussie. Seems fair, he was easily doing over the ton when he passed us.
Why oh why is it always, (mostly then), German cars that behave like this, was he sitting two inches of the bumper the car in front at any point?:slap:
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In truth, no. He executed each overtake very well in my view. Never harassed anyone..just going too bloody quick.
That M5 was just squirted in an instant into each available gap. He clearly does not/did not know the A9 can lose your licence in one trip.
He took us having spent a mile or two at least 4 car spaces behind.
Southern plates.
PMSL, obviously new to the world of BMWs then, he'll soon learn the 4" technique. Seriously though, yes, you have to know the A9 very well to travel at any sort of speed, as well as the obvious i.e. it can be a killer road if not respected, it can be crawling with police and watch the speed cameras too. You could class it a bit like the dummy guides, 'how to lose your licence in one day for dummies'.
Just remembered it's our 36th wedding anniversary tomorrow so best be off out to buy something :eek:
You.......:slap: us.......:rofl:

Happy anniversary tomorrow, 36, you're doing well ;):thumbsup:
36 years is China, loads of car products must be "made in China" so you should be spoilt for choice :giggle:
Mmm yes, how about an MG?:frantic:
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View attachment 15052

^^^^My idea of HELL! Stuck behind one tractor is bad enough but that...:frantic:
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MG does that mean Marriage Guidance :giggle:
Or perhaps after 36 years, a Mature Guild?
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Drove to Aberdeen this morning and flew up to Shetland Isles :)
Up here for few days staying with (step) daughter who is living and working up here.
Her and her partner have just moving into their first home together and we're their first overnight guests

Does that now make me the northernmost Lifer? For a few days at least ;)
Only if you have Brian with you :giggle::p:roflmao:
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