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What I did today. (MX5 and Motoring)

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Went on the NWOC run to Kettlewell with 31 other 5s, and we bumped into about 25 Peaks and Pennines OCers.
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Yay thats good news Dan:skip:
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Your baby will be even more precious to you now, I know Flo was to us :D
Ok guys , Lat weekend took the old road over the wolds from Malton to Hunmanby then up the Coast road to Scarborough then the old road to Ravenscar, went for a walk down the cliffs from Ravenscar to Robin Hood Bay last weekend and saw this ....................................... fire away:D View attachment 2377
Nice part of the country, have had a couple of good holidays there:D
Well yesterday actually:rolleyes:
Had a lovely day at Lowestoft and even watched some speed boat racing(or whatever they are called:eek:ops:)
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I don't beleive it! We were there too. :cool: Didn't see you or flo. :(

PS. It was Thundercat racing. Inflatable boats with powerful engines. :thumbsup:
Well you wouldn't have seen me as i didn't have my green face on;)

Flo was in the car park on the road to Asda.
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A very nice mix of colour there.
You are missing a nice shiny Black MK3 in that line up though:(
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Larry, you are lucky compared to some: try entering Melbourne, Australia to Ludlow, UK.:(
Do we have a video of said trip per chance? :)
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