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Quotes from CAR magazine long term car test report on Renault Wind (UGLY!) by Sarah-Jayne Harrison.
"But the chances for convertible drivers to actually lower their roofs are so few and far between that you need each experience to be special…"
"As for actually putting the roof down, I've been trying my best but Mother Nature hasn't exactly been on my side."
I intend writing to CAR, a magazine I highly respect, about this. My MX-5 is my daily driver and the roof is down 95% of the time (sorry about the last 5% but when I'm in danger of drowning I have to admit defeat and raise it).
From my unscientific observations I find that we MX-5 drivers are the only convertible owners that are committed enough to have the roof down in less than ideal conditions (or should that be us that are committed?).
The vast majority of convertible divers (not MX-5's) rarely lower the top. Even when the weather is glorious!
Why have they paid over the odds for a feature which compromises their car's handling, luggage space and passenger room for them not to use it at every opportunity?
Perhaps it is that these conversions of shopping trolleys never look right. The MX-5 is a proper sports car and therefore its natural condition is roofless.
My conclusion is that the owners of these alternative convertibles are merely fashion victims without any real desire to experience limitless headroom.
RANT OVER, sorry.:(
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Whilst i do realise that people own the 5 because it's a fab handling motor and best for the money etc etc and don't want to drop their tops i still would far rather be top-dropping as well. It's all part of the experience
Not one 5 i saw today had it's roof down. Now, the weather was extremely hit n miss today. Glorious sunshine... 2 seconds later, deluge!
However, there i was travelling north of the A49 (in a van) and hey presto! (wait for it) a 206cc with it's top down!
hey... credit where due n all that! :beer:
AND if you keep going it can be left down anyway :cool:
This isn't necessarily a complaint; why would you have the roof down if you didn't want the wind in your hair?
from same author about same car
Answer ~ don't buy a convertible when there are a few tin tops from which to chose... mega rolley eye moment :rolleyes:
Mark - you are agreeing what i have said elsewhere :D
There ARE alternatives where Renaults are concerned
and the only experince re the SLK is that it's a Merc and not a Ford ... imo!
I would not buy a Renault Wind for the 'driving experience'.....
it gives you no more than bog-standard tintops... hence my comments :)
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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